Driving New Growth For a European Food Delivery Startup

Objective: Increase online food orders and strengthen restaurant relationships


Food Orders


Cost Per Order


Ad Impressions


Foostix is one of the largest food delivery services in Luxembourg, working with more than 40 different restaurants including large chains such as Five Guys, Burger King and Quik.


Foostix wanted to increase their volume of orders and boost orders of key partner launches.

What We Did:

  • We created an entirely new social media design and theme for their brand.
  • Used existing customer data to generate various segments and lookalikes, as well as retargeting lists to be used for targeted ad campaigns.
  • Tested broadly and narrowed into regions which were most profitable for Foostix and allowed for quick delivery service for the customer.
  • Highlighted key partners in launches of brands such as Burger King with dedicated marketing campaigns, to boost orders for these specific establishments.
  • Collected data on time of day, day of week and other metrics to establish optimal ad running schedules to both maximise ROI and influence demand to ensure smooth delivery operations.


Through efficient audience segmenting and ad scheduling, we were able to provide Foostix with a flexible and fluid supply of online orders, well below their target CPA. We were also able to strengthen their relationships with key partners by successfully delivering increased demand for select restaurant chains.

Our Results:

  • We generated more than 25,000 orders from new and repeat customers.
  • Average CPA per order was below €3, exceeding an initial client target of €4
  • Generated more than 12M ad impressions, thus providing plenty of brand exposure as a fringe benefit of the performance campaigns.
  • Successfully boosted orders for launches of Burger King, Five Guys and Quik on the platform by delivering at least 3x average order volume than any other restaurant in the first 2 weeks.
Prosperys has significantly increased our online orders and our collaboration has been professional, effective and human.
Marc L. Founder @ Foostix