Boosting New Reservations For Large Restaurant Chain

Objective: Utilize performance based marketing to profitably acquire new reservations and retarget past customers.




Cost Per Reservation


Ad Impressions


MansoGroup is the the largest restaurant group in Luxembourg, comprising over 15+ entirely different restaurant concepts and locations. Their establishments vary from sports bars through to fine dining mediterranean cuisine.


MansoGroup wanted to drive reservations for their various restaurants from new and previous customers, with each restaurant being marketed independently of each other.

What We Did:

  • We revamped the social media pages and websites of their line up of restaurants by curating a stream of content related to each restaurant’s identity and unique selling points.
  • Physically visited and professionally photographed multiple restaurant’s dishes in order to utilise these in performance focused ads.
  • Using in-house translators, created variations of ad copy in four different languages; English, French, German and Luxembourgish.
  • Setup tracking of the entire funnel from ad through to reservation confirmations, to ensure accurate tracking and attribution of each reservation down to the specific ad.
  • Jumpstarted their performance campaigns by generating lookalike audiences and retargeting audiences from past customer reservations, allowing us to quickly pinpoint the right demographics for each restaurant.
  • Ongoing split testing of new images, demographics and regions in order to achieve below target CPAs for reservations.
  • Setup one-off promo pages and events to sell tickets on a performance basis and ensure sell outs.


Although MansoGroup operated only offline and with no digital outlet for sales such as online ordering, we were able to effectively utilise digital marketing techniques to provide a huge surge in offline reservations. This allowed MansoGroup to receive far more value for their marketing spend than traditional methods and to track the results of each euro spent. Not only that, they received huge branding exposure and brand recognition as a result of the vast ad reach as a fringe benefit of the profitable performance campaigns.

Our Results:

  • We delivered more than 12,000 reservations across 7 different restaurants
  • Average CPA per reservation was below €10, far exceeding initial targets of €18-20
  • Generated more than 36M ad impressions in a country of 600,000, providing maximum exposure and brand recognition.
  • Successfully marketed the launch of 4 new restaurants, each averaging CPAs of under €5 and ensuring full bookings even on weekdays.
Prosperys has been instrumental to our online marketing success, their approach helps us achieve superior ROI on our marketing spend and drive traffic to our restaurants.
Yannis X. Co-Founder @ MansoGroup