Acquiring New Downloads For Restaurant Reservation Service

Objective: Generating new downloads with a focus on post-install reservations and avoiding common ad fraud.


App Downloads


Cost Per First Reservation


First Reservation Rate


OpenTable is a restaurant reservation service which allows users to easily find restaurants and make reservations through their website or app.


Their goal was to acquire new downloads of their iOS/Android apps with a main KPI of ‘First Reservation’, where users make at least one reservation within the app.

What We Did:

  • With the client’s preferred medium being video ads, we tested over 7 different in-app networks networks and tapped solely into video inventories.
  • Utilised CPE bidding on select networks to generate risk free conversions of the end objective
  • Monitored various metrics such as MTTI, Retention and User Agents while reviewing individual placements to ensure minimal fraud, particularly when CPE bidding
  • Refreshed and split tested creatives on a weekly basis to maximize click through rates and bottom line CPIs.
  • Segmented campaigns based on day of week and time of day to appeal to the right context, which helped boost download rates and reservation rates.


From the first month we achieved the target benchmarks provided to us by OpenTable. As a result of the excellent results delivered, the client substantially increased budgets month over month. With thoughtful ad planning, creatives and casting the net wide in terms of testing, we are able to quickly pinpoint profitable sources of valuable conversions.

Our Results:

  • We delivered over 150,000 free installs in the first 6 months.
  • We achieved a CPI of $3.40 for app installs
  • Users averaged a 20% reservation rate at a CPA of $17
Prosperys has been a long running partner in our acquisition strategies and have consistently delivered excellent results.
Khe Y. Marketing @ OpenTable